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Title: Advanced Topics with AerWave - Playlists and Scheduling - Recorded November 13, 2018

Duration: 35 minutes

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How to use AerWave playlists and scheduling efficiently and effectively? What tips and tricks you need to know?

When creating a program and managing your digital signage network, there comes with a lot of content management. You need to select and upload your content, adjust size and duration, create proper tags, design appealing program layout, and schedule your program to display at specific time and dates.

One way to easily organize your content is with a playlist. Playlists allow you to string content together and set rules on how each piece of content plays. You will learn why it's important and how to use it to achieve your goals. You will also gain knowledge on how to use calendars and playlists to schedule a program easily.

In this webinar, we discussed how to make the best use of Digital Signage including:

  • AerWave standard workflow
  • Tags
  • Scheduling using calendars
  • Playlists - with rules